The use of porcelain, steatite and cordierite

In summary, steatite, porcelain, cordierite and chamotte are four different ceramic materials with varying properties and uses. Their unique properties make them indispensable in various industries, from electronics to pottery and industrial oven manufacturing. The choice of material often depends on specific requirements and applications in each area. It is a lower cost material than alumina, but has excellent resistance properties even at high temperatures and with moderate mechanical strength.

Due to the unique properties even at high temperatures this material has wide application in the electrical industry. According to the customer’s needs, we produce insulators and insulating pipes for: low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage, high current and measurement technology. Insulators for production machines, fuses, sockets and covers and other insulation components are made of quartz porcelain C111, C221 and mullite C610.

Ceramic protective tubes, insulating rods and supports are made of high quality alumina porcelain C120, C130, C530, C610, C755, C799 with mechanical properties far above standard requirements. Ceramic supports can be extruded from quartz porcelain C110, alumina porcelain C120, non-porous cordierite C410 and porous cordierite C520.

Materials for resistors – Components for resistors are used to reduce the size of a current in a circuit when you cannot change the voltage. Resistance components are made of quartz porcelain C110, alumina porcelain C120, non-porous cordierite C410 and porous cordierite C520 or other special material developed according to customers’ wishes. Resistance components are commonly found in automotive, energy, rail, transportation, electronics, and other industries

Components for heaters

Ceramics for heating is made of porous steatite C230, non-porous cordierite C410 and porous cordierite C520, C530, C610. Heating components can be found in industrial furnaces, household appliances, automotive industry, electric cartridge, boilers and others. Porous steatite C230, non-porous cordierite C410 and porous cordierite C520 and C530. Useful components for heaters, pipes for immersion heaters, components for measuring, monitoring and controlling molten metal processes, electrical insulators, components for the production of paper pulp, components for the sintering process, furnaces and accessories, other components for high temperature use, etc.

High temperature

We manufacture a wide range of components for high temperature applications. The products are made of cordierite (C520 and C530), mulliter (C610) aluminum oxide (C795 and C799), which are used for applications up to 1300°C and more. Components for heaters, pipes for electricity cartridge, components for measuring, monitoring and controlling molten metal processes. Furnace components and accessories and other components for high temperature applications.

In our program, we also have chemically resistant glazed porcelain pipes for the protection of electric cartridge, which are used in electroplating baths. The shapes and dimensions of pipes are adapted to the customer’s individual wishes.

For households, we manufacture the following ceramic components: coupling clamps, various sockets, terminal blocks, coupling pins, ceramic rods, ceramic beads, heat holders, etc. Most of the components are made of steatite C221 and cordierite C410 and C520. 

Our ceramics C610, C795, C799 are used as an important protective component of measurement sensors, thermocouples, measuring probes, samplers, sensor caps on customer products.

Refractory components, such as rings, backing rings, plates and other forms of high quality, intended for use in sintering processes in the automotive industry. Used in powder metallurgy and metal powder injection molding technologies, our components enable further cost optimization for our customers.

Cordierite components such as pipes, heating supports, rods, bushings, guides and plates can be manufactured according to customer needs.

Fillers for reaction columns

Fillers for reaction columns, in which absorption, desorption, extraction, etc. take place. They are produced in standard shapes (Rasching rings, Pall-rings, Berl saddles) and dimensions, as well as at the request of the customer. Ceramic fillers are made of chemically resistant quartz porcelain.

Ceramic filters

Ceramic filters cover a wide range of needs in all branches of industry and in all environments (acids, bases, organic and inorganic solvents). They are used for diffusion, aeration of drinking water and fish ponds, filtration of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, organic solutions, acids and salts, dispersing gases and liquids, decolorization, etc.

Ceramic filters from our program fully meet all set parameters according to prescribed application conditions, namely: Controlled porosity Working at high temperatures – up to 1400°C Thermal stability of the work process Inertia in relation to aggressive environments They are made in all shapes and sizes, according to customer requirements.

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