Heatings elements

Electric heating products are a broad category of appliances and systems that use electricity to generate and transfer heat. These products are versatile and used in a variety of contexts, from residential to commercial and industrial applications. Below is an overview of some common types of electric heating products and their uses:

Cartridge heater

Plastics, rubber, wood and paper industry, packaging equipment, Shoe machine and leather industry, Automotive, brake systems, chemical industry, Heating of tools and machine parts, Medical technology industry and laboratory industry, Foundry technology. More information at the buyer's request.

Ceramic elements

Indirect heating of liquids, electric water heaters, boilers, containers, tanks, industrial baths, galvanic baths, industrial furnaces, oil preheaters, duplicates, reactors, air preheaters, dryers, fans, hot air guns, bakery and bread ovens, steam generators, storage water heaters. More information at the buyer's request.

Galvanic heaters

Different types of baths: Chemical, deacidification, degreasing, Surface protection: Nickel plating, tin plating, chrome plating, copper plating, phosphating, browning, Water heating, electric water heaters, Vessels and tanks for oils, Other chemical and electro-chemical processes. More information at the buyer's request.

Infrared elements - Can be used in vacuum and airflow environments.

Plastic Softening, Thermoforming, Blowing and Lamination, Rubber, Glass and Textile Industry Paper Industry, Screen Printing, Curing for Adhesives and Printing Inks, Food Baking, Grills, Microwave Ovens, Packaging Industry, Vacuum Packaging, Car Painting, Preheating Before Painting, Drying of Varnishes, Varnishes, Epoxy Resins, etc., Space Heaters, Electric Fires, Saunas, Sterilization. More information at the buyer's request.

Embedded & pressed elements

Plastics industry, plastic welding, extruders, packaging machines, heating of tools or machine parts, hot plates and heat shields, rubber industry, vulcanization plates, automotive industry, engine heater, air heating, indirect oil and water heating. More information at the buyer's request.

Nozzle &; coil element

Hot runner systems, injection machines, presses and nozzles, plastic extruders, head heating, packaging equipment, medical and laboratory equipment, foundry technology, miscellaneous tools, general machinery. More information at the buyer's request.

Tubular elements air gases

Household appliances, Radiators, Convectors, Fan heaters, Hot air curtains, Horeca industry, Professional kitchens, Industrial ovens, Dryers, Ovens, Antifreeze, Antifreeze, IR heaters, Sauna, Current resistance, Railway interchange point, Train passenger compartment heaters. More information at the buyer's request.

Tubular elements, water and liquids

Electric water heaters, solar water heaters, heat pumps, boilers, water tanks, coffee machines, washing machines/ dishwashers, horeca industry, deep fryers, steam generators, duplicators, industrial baths, food industry, towel warmers, radiators, thermal oil, fuel oil, hydraulic oil. More information at the buyer's request

Electric immersion heater - Solution for heating liquids such as water and oil

Boilers, tanks, water heaters, industrial baths, coffee machines, dishwashers for commercial kitchens, steam generators, thermal oils, transmission oils, hydraulic oils, flow heaters. More information at the buyer's request.

Flexible elements

Medical and laboratory instruments, Heat pumps, compressors and crankcases, Barrel, barrel, bucket or cylindrical vessel heaters, Food heating applications, Underfloor heating, Bathroom mirror heaters, Heating panels, ceiling heaters, Various industrial applications, Prevention of ice and condensation, Cooling and evaporation systems. More information at the buyer's request.

Open thread elements

Industrial furnaces and heat treatment applications, packaging industry, heat curtains, hot air guns, power plants, turbines, generators, electrical appliance industry, dryers, fan heaters, resistors, electronic components, steel and aluminum industry, foundry mills, glass and ceramics industry. More information at buyer's request

Other heating elements

Ignition of pellets, chips and split logs, Extrusion of plastics, Injection machines, Radiators, Convectors, Fan heaters, Mold and tool heating, Dehumidifiers, Defrosting, Evaporation, Medical and laboratory equipment, Heat exchangers, Flow heaters. . More information at the buyer's request.

Electric heating products offer advantages such as easy installation, instant heating and precise temperature control. They are also relatively energy efficient when used correctly. However, the cost of electrical energy and its impact on the environment should be considered when choosing electric heating products, especially in view of the increased demand for sustainable and energy-efficient alternatives.

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