Technical ceramics, Ignition electrode, Steatite, Cordierite, Porcelain, Heating elements, Carbide are the materials we offer.
With a long experience of production in many different industries, we help you as a customer to the right and optimal solution.

Technical ceramics

Om teknisk keramik

Technical ceramics is a fascinating branch of materials science and manufacturing that has a long history and an impressive breadth of applications. Technical ceramics, also known as technical ceramics or engineering ceramics, is a material characterized by its exceptional mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. It differs from traditional ceramics in its focus on use and functionality rather than aesthetic aspects.

Heatings elements

Electric heating products are a broad category of appliances and systems that use electricity to generate and transfer heat. These products are versatile and used in a variety of contexts, from residential to commercial and industrial applications. Below is an overview of some common types of electric heating products and their uses:

Ignition electrodes for industry and households

An ignition electrode is an important component in internal combustion engines and is used to initiate the combustion process in the fuel. This small but crucial part plays a key role in gasoline and diesel engines, as well as in many other types of combustion devices, including furnaces and gas turbines. Due to the variety of designs, the igniters have received wide use not only for ignition, but also as ionizers (flame control) or when adjusting the level of liquid. Let’s take a closer look at what an ignition electrode is and how it works.

We manufacture ignition electrodes with different designs and different dimensions, which provide practical and useful opportunities for both industry and households.


Steatite is a ceramic material based on natural raw materials and is classified according to the IEC 60 672 standard in group C 200 – magnesium silicates


Porcelain is alumina or quartz-based silicate materials, which are classified according to the IEC 60 672 standard in group C 100 – alkaline alumina silicate porcelain.

Cordierite Chamotte

Cordierite materials are insulating materials, according to standard IEC 60 672 classified in group C 400 – alkaline earth alumina silicates and C 500 – porous alumina silicates. Talc, kaolin, alumina and MgO are the raw materials used in cordierite ceramics production.

Carbide and carbide tools

Carbide, also known as tungsten carbide, is an extremely hard and durable material used in a variety of engineering and industrial applications. Carbide is a composition of tungsten (tungsten) and carbon, which gives it its unique properties. Carbide tools, made from this material, are indispensable in many industries due to their ability to cut, shape and process other materials with high precision and long service life.

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