Ceramic lining and ceramic media for mills

Technical ceramic lining and means for mills are important components in the material handling and crushing industries. These specialized ceramic linings and agents are used to improve performance, increase wear resistance and extend the life of grinders and crushing equipment. Below we will explore the use and advantages of technical ceramic lining and means for grinders.


  1. Crushing industry: Technical ceramic lining and agents are used in crushing equipment such as ball mills, bar mills and crushers to reduce the size of materials and break them down to desired particle sizes. These applications may include crushing minerals, ores, cement and ceramic materials.
  2. Material handling: In industries such as mining and building materials, ceramic linings and agents are used to protect conveying and handling equipment, such as screw conveyors, pipe conveyors, ore separation, cell feeders, drum sieves and scraper belt conveyors, from wear and damage that occurs when materials are transported.

Advantages of technical ceramic lining and means for grinders:

  1. Wear resistance: Ceramic linings and agents are extremely durable and can withstand the harsh stresses that occur in mills and crushers. They reduce wear and tear on the equipment and extend its service life.
  2. Chemical stability: These ceramic materials are resistant to chemicals and corrosion, which is especially important when used to handle and crush various types of materials.
  3. High temperature resistance: Ceramic linings and agents can withstand high temperatures without losing their structure or performance. This is especially relevant in mills where friction and heat are generated.
  4. Reduced maintenance time: By reducing wear on the grinder or crushing equipment, ceramic linings reduce the need for frequent maintenance and repairs, increasing uptime and productivity.
  5. Increased efficiency: The ceramic materials minimize energy losses and friction, which increases the efficiency of the milling process and reduces energy consumption.
  6. Minimal contamination: Ceramic linings and agents are inert to most materials and minimize the risk of contamination of the processed material.
  7. Adaptability: Technical ceramics can be customized to suit different milling and crushing applications and can be tailored to meet specific requirements and needs.

In conclusion, technical ceramic lining and means for grinders are essential to ensure reliable and efficient material crushing and handling in various industries. Their ability to resist wear, chemical corrosion and high temperatures makes them an indispensable part of the process industry and helps to improve equipment performance and service life.

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