Laboratory ceramics

Technical laboratory ceramics constitutes an important component in research, development and quality control in a variety of scientific disciplines. These ceramic products, are used to enable accurate experiments and analyses in laboratory environments. Here we will explore the importance and use of technical laboratory ceramics.

Technical laboratory ceramics are usually made of high-quality ceramic materials known for their specific properties, including high temperature resistance, chemical stability and resistance to corrosion. These properties make them ideal for use in laboratories where they are exposed to various reagents, high temperatures and mechanical stress.

Laboratory crucibles made of ceramics of different composition and structure show high resistance to chemical attack even at elevated temperatures.

High content of Al2O3 and fine-grained structure of less than 1 μm provide good refractory properties and enable melting and annealing of various organic and inorganic materials in analytical chemistry.

The size tolerances are DIN 40680 rough range. We manufacture standard crucibles in series production and specific shapes and sizes are available according to the customer’s wishes.

In conclusion, technical laboratory ceramics are an indispensable part of modern laboratory operations. Its ability to withstand extremely demanding laboratory conditions and its versatility make it an important resource for research, quality control, and scientific development in a variety of scientific fields, including chemistry, biology, materials science, and more.

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