Ignition electrodes for industry and households

An ignition electrode is an important component in internal combustion engines and is used to initiate the combustion process in the fuel. This small but crucial part plays a key role in gasoline and diesel engines, as well as in many other types of combustion devices, including furnaces and gas turbines. Due to the variety of designs, the igniters have received wide use not only for ignition, but also as ionizers (flame control) or when adjusting the level of liquid. Let’s take a closer look at what an ignition electrode is and how it works.

We manufacture ignition electrodes with different designs and different dimensions, which provide practical and useful opportunities for both industry and households.

We have standardized ignition electrodes and we also produce according to customer requirements.

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The easiest way to ignite fuel is via high-voltage systems, which conduct electric current (voltage ≈10KV) to a pair of insulated electrodes. Gaps between the electrodes are adjusted in such a way that the spark forms in the vicinity of the burner nozzle. Dependence on burn will be between rooms max 5mm. In the case of different types of construction, there may be only one electrode (lighter).

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Central electrode and insulator

Ignition electrodes usually consist of two parts: a center bolm, which is a thin metal rod, and a grounding point, which is a wide metal base. The central part is often made of materials with high heat resistance, such as kanthal, Ni-Cr alloys iridium or platinum,

The electrode has great resistance to high temperature, corrosion and electrical erosion.

The insulator of the lighters is made of ceramics with 95% Al2O3. Ceramics have very unique mechanical, chemical, thermal properties.

PB Igniters

Quality control

  • Laboratory examination
  • Control in production process
  • Mechanical properties
  • Thermoshock
  • Dielectric strength
  • Spreading Factor and Resistanc
F Igniters
F Igniters
Igniters S

In addition to standard lighters, we also manufacture lighters according to special customers’ wishes on the basis of the attached sample or technical documentation with operating and installation parameters

(operating pressure and temperature, current voltage, terminal end type, presence of moisture and aggressive media, dimension and the like)

Special ignites

For many years of production, we have produced special lighters and ionizers for many satisfied customers on all continents.

The following appendix contains several drawings of special lighters and ionizers that were produced for the Scandinavian market.

Production drawings - few examples special ignition electrodes Made according to customer needs

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