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Seekers of high-quality ceramic materials and technical solutions need look no further. With us, we offer a wide range of materials and products that are crucial in many different industries. Our range includes technical ceramics, ignition electrodes, steatite, cordierrite, porcelain, heating elements and cemented carbide. With many years of experience in the production and delivery of these materials, we are your reliable partner when it comes to finding the right and optimal solution for your specific needs.

Keramikon AB offers a comprehensive range of ceramic materials and products intended for a variety of technical and industrial applications. Below we will explore some of the main materials and products that the company offers.

Aluminum oxide Al2O3

Aluminum oxide is one of the most widely used ceramic materials due to its high strength, good mechanical properties and thermal stability.

Zirconium oxide Zr02

Zirconium oxide is known for its high thermal resistance and is widely used in high temperature applications. It also has exceptional chemical resistance and is used in a range of industries.

Composite ceramic Al2O3 + ZrO2

Composite ceramics combining alumina and zirconia offer a unique set of properties, including both high strength and thermal shock resistance. It is useful in demanding environments where these properties are required.

Aluminum Titanate Al2 + TiO5

Aluminum titanate is known for its extremely low thermal expansion coefficient and is widely used in furnaces and other high-temperature applications where thermal stability is crucial.

Ignition electrode for industry and households

Keramikon AB manufactures ignition electrodes that are crucial to ensure reliable ignition and efficient combustion in both industrial and domestic heating applications.

Alumina-Chrome Oxide Al2 + Cr2O6

This material offers a combination of high temperature resistance and chemical stability. It is widely used in industries where corrosion resistance is important.

Steatite, Porcelain, Cordierite

These ceramic materials have different properties that make them suitable for different applications. Steatite is widely used in electric heating products, while porcelain is often used as an insulator, and cordierite is used in furnaces and heating processes.

Electric heating products

Keramikon AB manufactures a wide range of electric heating products, including heating elements and insulators, which are used in many industrial and commercial applications for temperature control and heating.

Carbide and carbide tools

The company offers high-quality carbide tools used in metalworking and cutting. These tools are known for their wear resistance and efficiency.

Keramikon AB’s wide range of ceramic materials and products makes it an important partner for companies in various industries. Their expertise and commitment to the highest quality and customer satisfaction have made them a reliable supplier of ceramic solutions for many technical and industrial challenges.

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