Pistons, slide rings, seals

Technical ceramics play a crucial role in various engineering and industrial applications, and it is widely used to manufacture components such as pistons for dosing, pistons for piston pumps, the element for rotated pumps, high truck pumps, valve discs, bushings, slip rings, sleeves and gaskets. These ceramic parts are distinguished by their superior durability, heat resistance and chemical stability, and they are used to enable smooth operation and reliable performance in various machines and systems.

Here we will explore the use and benefits of technical ceramics in the form of pistons, slide rings, sleeves and gaskets.

Pistons: Ceramic pistons are used in a variety of industrial applications, especially in pumps and compressors. Their excellent wear resistance and chemical resistance make them ideal for handling aggressive liquids and gases. Ceramic pistons can withstand high pressures and temperatures, which is crucial for maintaining reliable performance in pumping systems and compressors. In addition, they have a smooth surface that reduces friction and wear, increasing component life.

Slip rings and sleeves: Slip rings  and sleeves are components used to reduce friction and wear in moving machine parts, such as shafts and bars. Ceramic slip rings offer many advantages, including low friction and high hardness, making them particularly suitable for highly loaded mechanisms. They can withstand high temperatures and are resistant to chemical corrosion, making them useful in various industries, including automotive, manufacturing, and mechanical engineering.

Gaskets: Ceramic seals are used to secure and prevent leaks in pipes, valves, pumps and other components where sealing is critical. Their ability to maintain tightness at high temperatures and pressures is crucial in the process and chemical industries. Ceramic seals also have the advantage of not reacting with many chemicals, reducing the risk of corrosion and chemical attack. For the transport of abrasive substances in the chemical industry, the most important requirement for pumps is that they must have an efficient compaction.  Rapid wear of gaskets made of metal, graphite, or plastic causes major problems. You have to stop the pump and change the gaskets. With ceramic gaskets, this problem is solved. Ceramic gaskets provide much longer service life, as well as cost savings.

Thanks to the ceramics’ very fine grain size (0.2 and 0.6 mm) and high hardness, they can be sanded, lipped and polished to a very high surface finish. Polished surface has quality Ra ≤ 0.2 mm.

Advantages of technical ceramics in these components:

  1. High temperature resistance: Ceramic materials can withstand extremely high temperatures, making them ideal for applications where heat is a factor.
  2. Impact resistance: They are resistant to mechanical wear and shock, which increases the life of components and minimizes the need for frequent replacement.
  3. Chemical stability: Ceramic materials are often inert to most chemicals, making them resistant to corrosion and chemical attack.
  4. Low friction: They have a smooth surface that minimizes friction and energy losses, which can improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.
  5. Dimensional stability: Ceramic components retain their dimensions and shape even at high temperatures and loads, which is important to ensure proper operation of machines and systems.

In summary, technical ceramics in the form of pistons, slip rings and seals are an important component in many industries and technical applications. Their superior features make them a reliable choice for maintaining reliable performance and safety across a wide range of machines and systems

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