Ceramic tubes and insulators for thermocouples

Technical ceramic tubes and insulators play a crucial role in temperature measurement and control through their use in thermocouples. These ceramic components enable accurate and reliable temperature reading in a variety of industrial and scientific applications. Here we will explore the use and benefits of technical ceramics in the form of tubes and insulators for thermocouples.

Under heavy operating conditions of the facilities with the detrimental influence of high temperatures, chemicals and gases as a result of the melting of various metals, it is imperative to use those elements that provide proper and undisturbed operation of the plants and devices.

For these purposes, ceramic pipes are used, which meet even the most demanding operating conditions. Ceramic pipes can be both open and closed pipes on one side, then ordinary ones with two, four and more holes, with longitudinal ribs and gutters, different cross-sectional shapes.


  1. Industrial temperature monitoring: Thermocouples are used in many industries, including chemistry, metallurgy, food production and energy production, to monitor and control temperatures in furnaces, furnaces, pipelines and other process equipment.
  2. Scientific research: Thermocouples are common in laboratory applications and scientific research, where accurate temperature measurements are essential for experiments and investigations.

Advantages of technical ceramics in thermocouple tubes and insulators:

  1. Temperature resistance: Technical ceramics can withstand high temperatures without losing their structure or electrical insulating ability. This is critical when thermocouples are used in high-temperature environments.
  2. Insulating properties: Ceramic insulators for thermocouples offer a reliable electrical insulation between the thermocouple wires and the surroundings, preventing unwanted current flow and interference in the measurement.
  3. Chemical stability: Technical ceramics are resistant to many chemicals and corrosion, making them useful in industries where aggressive substances are present.
  4. Low heat capacity: Ceramic tubes often have a low heat capacity, which means they can quickly respond to temperature changes and provide accurate measurements.
  5. Mechanical stability: These components are stable and can withstand mechanical impact and vibration that can occur in industrial environments.
  6. Adaptability: Technical ceramics can be manufactured and customized to meet specific requirements and geometries for different thermocouple applications.

Standard pipes in this area, with shape and size deviations defined by DIN 40680,

DIN 43724 and DIN 43725 standard, can be delivered in a relatively short time. In cases of specific

Requirements of our customers, we can manufacture almost infinite number of pipes of special shape and size

The pipe length according to the customer’s wishes, but up to a maximum of 2300 mm.

In summary, technical ceramics in the form of tubes and insulators are crucial for thermocouples and their use in temperature measurement and control. Their ability to withstand high temperatures, offer electrical insulation and maintain stable properties under extreme conditions make them indispensable in many industrial and scientific fields where accurate temperature monitoring is necessary.

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